Arche- ar·​che | \ ˈärˌkē; ärˈkā, -ˈkē \:: something that was in the beginning : a first principle:

a. in early Greek philosophy : a substance or primal element.

b. in Aristotle : an actuating principle (as a cause)

Sacred Spark Within

Through the ages the secrets of the ancients have been hidden in parables and symbolism.

The dark forces have mislead people to look outside themselves.

Sacred 432hz

The sacred Schumann Resonance vibrates in harmony with the natural vibrations of Earth.

Realign your self and tune-in to this magical vibration simply by listening to this music.

Ascension Music

Positive, powerful music to help your conscious evolution.

Uplift humanity by being the Light.

As above, so it is below. That which has been, will return again. As in heaven, so on earth.