432hz Ringtone #1

432hz Ringtone #1

432hz Ringtone #2

432hz Ringtone #2

432hz Ringtone #3 – Arche Of The Covenant

432hz Ringtone #3 – Arche Of The Covenant

Download these free ringtones/alarm tones and schedule them to the following times:

1:11 2:22 3:33 4:44 5:55

1:23 2:34 3:45


12:12 12:34 2:34 3:45

Set as many or few as you like. When the music plays sing or hum along and you will be vibrating in frequencies in harmony with Earth!

Also, as more of us “tune in” at the same times it has a compounding effect on the energy of those vibrations that we are radiating as we hum along.

This is a site you can monitor the Schumann Resonances:

This one is cool too:

7.83 HZ

Humans are tuned to the resonant vibration of earth. 

“Human beings vibrate, (yes that means you) and the frequency they emit ranges from 5-10hz. We are in the same range as the 7.83hz of the earth. (Source)

This is why nature is healing to people. It helps them match the earth frequency of 7.83 which boost the body’s natural ability to heal and regulate itself. – Galactic Age

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